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What Is Digital marketing ?

Different People will Say Different Definitions About Digital Marketing, If You Ask me What is Digital Marketing My Answer to this is Digital Marketing Means Not Only Advertising Our Products and Services Online through Digital Channel it is beyond that it is Data Driven Marketing.

Data Is Everything, If we Have Data We Can Do Business Very Well.

In this Our Journey we will learn

  • What is Data ?
  • Why Data Is Important ?
  • How to Collect Data For Business ?
  • How to Use Data Effectively Whcih We Collected ?
  • How to Get Consistent Results using this Data ?
  • How to Do Remarketing Using this Data ?

Might be this all new for you what i said above but its Real, at Institutes they teach you some modules like:

  • SEO 

SEO Stands For Search engine optimization is a process using and practicing this we can gain quality and quanitity targeted traffic to our website or webpage. it is an oragnic or natural traffic from search engines.

  • SMO

SMO Stands For Social Media Optimization, it is a process here we can optimize our social accounts properly.

  • SMM

SMM Stands For Social Media Marketing, it is a place where we can advertise or market our products and services through Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Linedin and etc…

  • SEM 

SEM Stands For Search Engine Marketing it is paid advertising medium we can place our ads in search engine where people have intent to search.

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Insta Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Lead Generation
  • Affiliate marketing
  • and so on …

Yes Those Modules we have in this course but using every module finally will collect Data Only but about this data they won’t teach you, so in our journey will learn everything about it.

This is One Formula Learn From Internet What Ever You Do In Digital marketing everything relate to this 6 step stage:

  1. Digital Presence
  2. Targeted Traffic
  3. engagement
  4. Conervsions
  •        a) Leads 
  •        b) Sales

         5. Analysing | Measuring | Optimizing

         6. Remarketing

Tell me If any module not relate to this, you can’t beacause everything relate with atleast one in above stage, this type of things won’t teach anywhere even they have idea about it.

So, Stay tuned with me i will share with you what ever knowledge i have and what ever i will learn.

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