How to install wordpress in telugu ?

Hello #digitalmarketers Welcome to Day 8 in #21DaysWordpressCourseGood Day to Everyone ❣️Today our topic is very basicHow to Install WordPress For Our Website ? might be some of know About it but some people don’t know who are newbieWill help to those who don’t know how to do it Before that you need to know about CPANEL without knowing this you can’t able to install so take a look on my Day 7 Post on my profile.Now, WordPress is a CMS Software, CMS stands for Content management Software using this you can build a website and manage content on you site without knowing coding.So now we will learn how to install WordPress properly without getting errors#Tag someone who need to watch itFor better understanding watch below Video: https://youtu.be/W6PTpEEG8gk #wordpress#telugu#tutorials#sharingknowledge

How to install wordpress in telugu

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