What is Search Engine Optimization – Types Of SEO

what is search engine optimization?

Have you ever wondered why certain websites (such as Quora and Wikipedia) still appear at the top of Google searches? if you understand What is Search Engine Optimization completely you get an idea why they appear on top.

Search engine optimization refers it is a process by doing this we can gain visibility and gain organic trafic from search engines to our website or webpage.

Read completely for better understanding.

In fact, search engines like Google and YouTube are very complex. They like to search for any information deeply before showing it to their users.

They want the people who are using them to get the information they are trying to find as quickly and in the best way possible.

But is it easy to find the best result among millions of blogs and websites as they appear?

of course not!

According to Google, it scans many websites with around 200 factors testing to answer any question, and sites that can meet these criteria are as good as Google in their search.

People appear in the same position above or in the same position, because those sites are best for people.

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As a blogger, webmaster, or SEO expert, we all want that every time people search for something related to our website (or what we write about in our blog), our website is the first site to appear at the top of Google. ,

For So that more and more people can click on it and our site becomes popular.

Now, with over a billion websites around the world, the task of leaving everyone behind and bringing your website to the forefront is not an easy thing. Due to tough competition, we have to work hard to reach the top.

To beat Google Rankings, we have to tell you that our website is good and people searching for it will definitely get answers to their questions.

But the question that arises now is how do we say all this to Google? We cannot contact, nor does one of our family members upload directly to our website to recommend it.

In fact, we have to tell Google with simple gestures that our website provides the best answer to people’s questions. There are a number of small techniques for bringing these gestures to Google called “search engine optimization (SEO)” when used together.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is not a single method, but a combination of many different techniques, with which you can first get your website featured on Google. Now, we will learn about these SEO techniques:

1) What is SEO?

Research indicates that 9 out of 10 people who search on Google never visit another Google page. I mean, honestly, most people often get their questions answered on a Google page first. Of those 9 people, only 5 click on “The first three websites on the first page”

Obviously, from the first page of Google, most people visit any website. That is, if said in general terms, the more people click on the website (or say ranking) on ​​Google, the more people will click on it and the more popular it will become.

Now, what blogger doesn’t want their blog to generate a lot of traffic? And they became famous.

Obviously, everyone wants their blog to become a high-traffic blog. But we can not able to get by wishing it. You have to work hard to transport your desires to the destination.

To get good and consistent traffic to your website, you need to rank your website in a good position on Google. But now Google doesn’t pick a website and raise it in its search. It only ranks websites that provide accurate answers to questions people ask and provide value to search engines.

»To identify good websites, Google checks them carefully when it detects that-

SEO Tips and Tricks you must remember

1) • Someone is a website, how old is it (age of domain) – Older website = better ranking.

2) • How many words is the post written on? (The number of words). Longer posts = better ranking.

3) • How many sites have linked this post by themselves and which ones. (Bachlinks) Good Backlinks = Good Ratings.

4) • How many people commented on and shared this post.

5) • Based on around 200 factors like this, Google compares all the websites you have and shows the best results to people first.

Now what are bloggers, when they are writing a post on your website, keep in mind what was written above, so that Google shows your post to people first and you write the post

2) Types of SEO:

Basically we can divide the SEO techniques into 5 parts-

(A) • On-page SEO: On-Page Seo Refers it is a process we can do all activities inside our website is known as on-page SEO. if we do well optimization we get better rankings.

For example, techniques like writing detailed posts and embedding the necessary keywords in them have been included in On-Page SEO. This is because we use it when writing blog posts.

(B) • Off-page SEO: Google not only looks for someone to rank their website but also collects information about them from outside (for example, from social sites and other websites). Off-page SEO refers to the use of SEO techniques to promote our website and make it rank higher in Google.

For example, off-page SEO works like sharing blog posts on social sites and creating backlinks for them. This is because it expires after the post is published.

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(C) • Technical SEO: The coding of things related to the juice written inside a website is included in technical SEO. SEO is also affected by the coding written on the site.

For example, if the website is heavily encrypted, then the website will take longer to load or open. Google has said frankly that it does not like slow websites at all and has no interest in prioritizing them in the SERPs.

Apart from this, the site which does not change its design according to the different device is also hesitant to give preference in the Google rankings.

In this way, technical SEO is very important to a website. You can improve your technical SEO by removing unnecessary codes and tools / widgets from your website.

(D) • Local SEO: When you optimize SEO to reach people in a specific place on your website, this SEO is called “Local SEO”.

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