How to install wordpress theme ?

Hello Dear,Welcome to Day 10 in #21DaysWordPressCourse.Today we are going to learn how to install #WordPress theme to our website.If you don’t know about what is wordpress and why we need take a look at previous posts you get an idea.Installing #wordpresstheme is soo simple but selecting suitable and right theme is hard part.Benefits of selecting right theme is:What we need to look at first•Website interface•Website speed•Mobile friendlyAnd etc…These factors not only important for website, these are important when you create ads for your website through Google ads and Facebook advertisement.For better understanding about Installing wordpress theme and selecting watch below live video: https://youtu.be/HWt-S1u88QI Join with us for learning Daily basisFollow: #digitalchandu#telugu#tutorials#sharingknowledge

How to install wordpress theme

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