How to make a website without coding in telugu ?

Raise and Shine ?Welcome to Day 7 in #21DaysWordpressCourse Today we are going to discuss about most asked and Heard question do you what is it …Is coding language required to create a website ?Here is an interesting answer to that is 70% of the websites on the internet had build without coding instead of using different softwares where we can create a website with knowledge programming language.I think you got the answer after you read above paragraph ?.For creating a website no coding language required for freshers or else for small businesses.I’m not only telling you therotical i created lots of website here you can check my beautiful website if you won’t believe: https://www.digitalchandu.in For better understanding watch below video: https://youtu.be/Cbv7n6L9JoA Follow: #digitalchandu

How to make a website without coding in telugu

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